Monday, 28 May 2012

Ver. 2 PCB on test bed.
Update on Testing

Just a brief update on the tests with PCB Ver. 2 for those following.  I have fully connected the op-amps and output transformers and the waveforms look excellent.

They are very clean, stable and no signs of noise or ripple.  So far thumbs up. You can see the new layout in the photo above. 

Scope shot of dual sine waves at 60Hz
It is still using the hand wired button panel, not expecting too much trouble from the PCB for that. Here is the first posting of a picture of my oscilloscope output of the two sine waves.  This is during a run at 60Hz with 90 degree phase shift.  All in all, looks ok.  The waveforms have been scoped at the output of the boost transformers, so this is what would be feeding the motor.

I will now have to proceed to rewiring my turntable for dual power, for each coil, and drive the turntable motor.  May take a few days, I have to clear some space on my makeshift bench.

So far no tweaking of any components was necessary, so values look acceptable, at least before load and current testing starts.


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