Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome to this blog on audio, me and my projects

So, here I go, thinking I am going to start blogging.  What about? My audio hobby of course.  Maybe other stuff might find it's way in here but as I see things now I am more likely to write about the things I do in audio and the discoveries I make.  So, if you stumbled across this or have followed a link here, welcome one and all.

I have been messing with audio stuff since I was in my early teens, caught the bug early on and it never let me go, although there are numerous periods where I did not do much, either taking interest in other things or just being busy, but always made my way back.

Never been a big spender on audio like some, I have always looked to spend reasonably and not go too crazy with this hobby.  I have owned several systems over the years and the quest, to find what I felt was true in the music and the experience of listening, has led me from a purchaser to a tinkerer, modifier and builder of audio bits.  Also this turned out to be the best way to get what I wanted out of the audio experience without dishing out a lot of cash.

In future blogs I may elaborate a bit more on the things I have owned or still own, my impressions and the chain of events that lead to my current system.  At this time though the blog will likely be dealing with my current projects.  Right now I am designing / building a turntable motor controller for AC based turntables like the Thorens, Ariston and Linn types.  Pretty much any turntable using an AC motor.  Other projects on the list awaiting their turn on my bench is an Ariston RD11 turntable rebuild (the predecessor to the Linn LP12) a tube based preamplifier with motorized volume control among other projects.

So if you join me on this journey, welcome aboard, and let's see how this all turns out.
If you are a frequenter of some of the audio forums out there you might have seen the odd comment from me as SoundBound, if not as is most likely, don't worry about it.



  1. Thanks Gianpi. Feel free to add your feedback and correct my mistakes!